Powershell dll module XAML help cannot be renamed.

I have created a dll Powershell module called abc and an XML help file called
abc.dll-Help, all in a folder labelled abc. This exports a cmdlet ‘Select-Test’.
Get-Help Select-Test produces the correct results.
I now need to rename this module to, say, def hence I renamed the folder and the
2 existing above files. However Get-Help Select-Test now produces only the SYNTAX line.
I have checked in the XAML file and there is no reference to abc anywhere.
What is wrong please?

The XAML files wouldn’t be the problem, as PowerShell isn’t even opening them. I don’t really do compiled modules much, but my guess is that the class you’re defining isn’t called def. Additionally, you’d normally have a bit more folder structure for help files - such as an en-us subfolder for the English version. I’m not sure if you’ve done all that…?

Thank you very much for that, Sir. I have fixed it by leaving the help file as abc.dll-Help and renaming just the others and the folder to def. Get-Help Select-Test now displays the correct help content.