PowerShell advanced learning

Good afternoon, I have completed the intro to PowerShell 5.1 course for Udemy. I want to get into advanced Powershell and I’m unsure of which course to take. Can anyone provide any recommendations?

The best course I can recommend is real life. Find a task you do frequently, try to do it in powershell. Rinse and repeat

There is also the PsKoans training.

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I have to an extent been taken that approach, but there are some advanced things that I can do that I don’t know how to do. I’ve seen binding of functions and commandlets and I don’t really understand it.
I am also not familiar with toolmaking.

So it might be better to ask for specific topics or if you have a particular issue with a tool you want to create.

For a general approach … it might be a little outdated and the quality is not the best but for an overview it may fit and the basics are still the same:

I generally prefer books to videos, if you don’t mind book-learning then
PowerShell in Depth is what I consider the next step up from ‘Month of Lunches’ level.

For some super in-depth stuff check out the Summit playlists on the powershell.org YouTube channel: