Seeking to build my foundational knowledge

Besides the “Learn Windows Powershell in a Month of Lunches” book which I will defiantly pick up does anyone have any courses that they would recommend on Microsoft learn, Udemy, etc that could take me to the next level with PowerShell? I am new to the PowerShell community so I am not really sure what to take.

I have a beginners course and am in the middle of a advanced course.

I’d say you have everything you need for now. :wink: In my opinion you learn the most while using it. If you work in the IT industry I’m sure you will have more than enough chances to practice and to learn. :+1:t4:


Olaf is correct, the best way to learn is to start working on something and learn to solve problems as you stuck.

Learning alone is just a theory without practice and as such is subject to forgetting what you learn, which is a counterproductive approach.

Start writing some scripts, anything, and when you stuck don’t ask for help and don’t watch YT, instead I suggest following:

  1. Get to know google search operators:
    Refine web searches - Google Search Help
    google is more powerful than what most people believe, your main search operator for learning purposes is site:

  2. Have a list of domains that will give you quick answer to problems that you encounter while learning.

Add any sites that were useful to you in the past (or as you discover them) to your list, then when you need answer to problem simply google out specifics against your list, for example:

my problem is whatever
some other problem
  1. As you open sites from results, don’t read entire content to find your golden answer, instead use CTRL + F to quickly find what you need.
    If there is no result on site, you call it a nice try and move on to next one.

This may sound to you like “go google out your issues” but believe me it’s the fastest and most efficient way to learn.
Just make sure you don’t stay on site for more than 1 minute finding what you need, that’s enough to see if search result was useful and whether it’s worth wasting your time reading entire content.

  1. Youtube or watching tutorial videos is the worst way to learn because, first it’s too slow and secondly you don’t know anything about the video until you watched it until the end, and in the end it may not help you at all.
  2. Asking for help online is second worst way to learn because it’s too slow, but still better than YT because you can ask specific question and get specific answers.
  3. Reading books is better than previous 2 methods but still not as efficient as googling specific sites for specific problems.
  4. Taking courses has the same problem and in addition you have to pay not little, but main benefit is that you don’t learn on your own mistakes. the more you pay faster you learn (if you can afford it)

Only if you don’t find the answer that way, you go to forums for help or getting some books, not because forums, videos or books are bad, but because learning to code takes years so you want to speed up this process as much as possible - fast, efficient and free learning.

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Great thank you yall for the advice!

A few of the courses I can recommend include,

Administration and Automation with Windows PowerShell (Udemy Course)
• Recommended for anyone who wishes to learn the fundamental skills to use Windows PowerShell for administering and automating administration of Windows systems.

Tool Building with Windows PowerShell – Advanced (Udemy Course)
• Recommended for anyone who wishes to learn how to build tools within Windows PowerShell

I also agree with the other comments in that applying PowerShell to reach a goal will be one of the most helpful ways to learn. Courses help to lay out good practices and familiarity with different ways to approach a problem while developing a solution to a problem solidify your knowledge.

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Thanks @mr.childers I will defiantly take a look at these!