Powershell 7 and the Get-ACEData module

I have just installed Powershell 7, and additionally:
Microsoft Access Redistributable Enginer 2016 64-bit, and
the ACE module for Powershell. I confirmed the ACE installation with:

help Get-ACEData -full

and it checked out, i.e., I got back the full help messages. But my existing code which still runs successfully in Powershell 5.1:

$q = Get-ACEData -Filepath $DBLoc -Table Jobworked -Query $QUERY2
$x = $q.$Tables[0].Rows[0]

returned with errors under Powershell 7:

InvalidOperation:  C:\Users\MyDocuments\
$x = $q.$Tables[0].Rows[0]
Cannot index into a Null array

Would appreciate any tips, guidance or direction. Thanks in advance.



verify $q, $q.tables and $q.tables[0] has proper values.

Try using -UseWindowsPowerShell option and Import the ACE module.