Going from Get-ACEData to CSV

I am using the Get-ACEData cmdlet to extract data from a simple ACCESS database.
I have all the required ACE modules etc. installed and confirmed working properly.
The database I am trying to extract data from is extremely simple: 1 table only and about 5 fields. I use the statement (‘Table1’ is the actual name of the only table in DBName, and DBName is of type .mdb):

Gate-ACEData -Filepath DBName -Table Table1 -Query ‘Select LName,FName,DOB from Table1’ | ??? I am lost !!!

I suppose (perhaps incorrectly) that when the Get-ACEData statement is executed, it generates into the pipeline some object of type DATASET (is this = type ACCESS database?). I would like to transform it into a simple CSV file for subsequenet processing.

But I cannot seem to get Export-CSV, ConvertTo-CSV, etc. cmdlets to work. I must be missing something. Or perhaps there is some function somewhere that can do the job. Does such a cmdlet/function exist, or do I have to “go lower” and resort to using ADO.Net to manipulate the ACCESS DB with additional PS code?

Would be grateful for any hints, tips or advice.

Datasets are a .NET object. This code assumes you’ve worked with datasets before. There can be multiple tables, but you are querying a single table. I have not tested the code, but hopefully this points you in the correct decision:

$query = Get-ACEData -Filepath .\mydatabase.mdb -Table Table1 -Query 'Select LName,FName,DOB from Table1' 

#Get results from the first table

Once you confirm you see the expected results, you need to understand that most Export commands expect that you are piping a PSObject. Select-Object will convert data into a PSObject. Try something like this:

$query.Tables[0] | Select LName,FName,DOB | Export-CSV -Path "C:\Scripts\MyCSV.csv" -NoTypeInformation

Fantastic, this is very useful.
My sincerest thanks Mr. Simmers.