PowerShell 5 on Windows 10 is AMAZING!

I just wanted to “give a shout” to the incredible people who developed PowerShell, the community here, and how much it is helping me!

For about 25 years, on various computer platforms, I’ve been challenged to find a way to tie together all those pesky little things that need to be done on a computer. I’ve tried this and that over the years (on mainframe, minicomputer, server and PC platforms), but never had much luck. In recent years, with the trend towards GUI, in some ways it got harder, given the difficulty in writing GUI apps.

Now, I can just create a “module” in PowerShell, with several functions, and have ready access to all my custom scripts/processes (implemented as functions/cmdlets): and all tightly integrated to the help system!

I’m really coming to appreciate the virtues of creating my own “language” in PowerShell, where I just type in custom “commands” (functions/cmdlets) in my module; commands which can be pipelined!

I had to watch the old PowerShell 3 videos on Microsoft Virtual Acadamy to “get it”, and only by accident at that, but it was worth it: https://mva.microsoft.com/en-US/training-courses/getting-started-with-microsoft-powershell-8276?l=r54IrOWy_2304984382

I’ve worked with computer technologies since '83, but just haven’t seen much in the everyday press about PowerShell, other than it perhaps replacing batch/cmd. I literally work with the technology inventory in a large organization, but just don’t see much about PowerShell. It is a shame this feature/technology is not described/advertised/marketed more vigorously, outside perhaps Windows admin training!

A bunch of us have been evangelizing it pretty heavily for a decade now… I’m glad you finally found it :).

Let me ask you - where would you normally expect or hope to see information like this? Where are your eyeballs normally pointed, that PowerShell should have surfaced, but didn’t? It’d help tremendously to know. I mean, certainly the everyday press like CNN and The New York Times wouldn’t have much, but where more industry-focused to you tend to get your news?