Interesting article on PS, open debate..thoughts ?

Here is an interesting perspective on PowerShell, stating that too many Cmdlets now make PowerShell high level and maybe less skilled scripters\programmers…

Interesting debate, thoughts ?

Ha. Go read the discussions on github and see if you can follow along.

I’m a fan myself :slight_smile:
Do you have a link Dan ?

Please don’t think this is my view.
Dan, can’t see any discussion from your link ?

I used to write a lot of vbScript and was hesitant to learn Powershell. As I progressed with vbScript, the same functions I needed over and over again in scripts and had a functions.vbs filled with functions I could copy and paste into scripts. When I started looking at how easy some of my 30-50 line functions were in Powershell, I was intrigued.

With Powershell, you have this built-in library and it’s easy to import others. With consoles being written to use Powershell as the API, the framework become more solid. Each Microsoft OS and product that is released, that framework extends further and further plus the community is continually adding content.

Do you know what code is behind every button that you push? What’s happening when I click submit? When you run netsh or ping, do you know how it works. Someone has to develop the functionality and understand how to glue the code together to develop solutions. If you can do awesome things by running a simple command and don’t need to learn advanced scripting, isn’t that the goal?

Powershell from an administrative standpoint is easy because it’s supposed to be easy. Now if you’re bored, you can always jump over to the development side and see how complex it can be.=D

Like getting involved with C# or native powershell, Dan?

Even just getting started with writing modules.

My main thought is that the author of the article has missed the point of the last 10 years worth of development in PowerShell. When PowerShell 1.0 shipped it had 137 cmdlets. There are now thousands covering practically every area of Windows administration.

Rather than having to write a script to create an AD user you have a cmdlet. Rather than working with wmi to administer NICs you have cmdlets. And so on through any area you want to mention.

You don’t need to learn all of the cmdlets - you just learn what you need. PowerShell is easier to learn now because you stay in PowerShell to accomplish your tasks - you don’t need to learn wmi or adsi for instance.

All the extra cmdlets make my life easier so I’m more than glad to see them