Powershell 4 installation problem windows 7 64bit

Hi guys.
I have a problem

I have an issue updatin powershell. Im running pshell ver 2 and want to get pshell ver 4.0 on windows 7 64 laptop. I installed .net framework 4.5 then run downloaded and run wmf4 installation file and its stucked on searching updates for about 3-4hours. Now im running it outside my companys network, cause i assumed that it might be some wsus problem but i guess that installation issue still exist.

Btw Service Pack 1 is also in place.

Could u provide a solution to this problem?


It may actually be a problem with the installer layer on your laptop. Unfortunately, that’s not something I think I can help you fix. Have you tried doing a fresh install on a clean Windows system, as a test?

Ty for ur response.
No, I havent. Ive checked also WMF 5.1 with .net framework 4.5.2 this does not work neither. I might do the fresh installation.