PJLINK and PowerShell (Control software for Projectors)

Anyone know if its possible to use PJLINK via PowerShell? I’ve looked around but can’t find anything…

I’m trying to go out to about 80 local projectors and get the status of the lamp so that I can email it as a report.

Currently, the projector itself has an email report function but I get one email every day from each projector. I’d like to just loop through all projectors so that I can just act on the ones that are low.

I thought I was just going to be able to telnet in and issue commands but that doesn’t work according to here - http://projectorcontrol.blogspot.com.au/

This is the manual of the projectors and the PJLINK info is on page 137 but it really just tells me the commands, not how to issue them - Jump

Nevermind, Panasonic came back and said its not possible :frowning: