Need to help to convert array of strings to html format

Hi All
I have a script when executed produces results like below.

foreach ($Adminserver in $Adminservers){
$hypervischeck = Get-BrokerHypervisorConnection -AdminAddress $Adminserver
$HypervisorStatus  += New-Object -TypeName PSObject -Property @{Sitename = $Adminserver 
                                              HypervisorName = $hypervischeck.Name
                                              Status = $hypervischeck.State

The out put is like below

Sitename Status HupervisorName {ON,ON,ON} {VC1,VC2,VC3} {ON,ON,ON} {VC4,VC4,VC5}

When I covert these output to html format I am getting below results , Status and HypervisorName values are showing as System.object.

Could some one please help me wit this script. Thanks .

@{; Status=System.Object[]; HypervisorName=System.Object[]; Value=}
@{; Status=System.Object[]; HypervisorName=System.Object[]; Value=}

Since your Get-BrokerHypervisorConnection is returning multiple objects you should also loop through each of those objects within the for each $adminservers loop.

The $hypervischeck variable contains an object with each hypervisor. By doing, Powershell v3 and above will do an implicit foreach loop, basically assuming that you want to do:

$hypervischeck | foreach{$_.Name}

This creates an array which is the behavior you are seeing. You need to add an explicit for loop to enumerate through each hypervisor:

$HypervisorStatus = foreach ($Adminserver in $Adminservers){
    $hypervischeck = Get-BrokerHypervisorConnection -AdminAddress $Adminserver
    foreach ($hypervisor in $hypervischeck) {
        New-Object -TypeName PSObject -Property @{Sitename = $Adminserver 
                                                  HypervisorName = $hypervisor.Name
                                                  Status = $hypervisor.State}
    } #foreach $hypervisor
} #foreach $Adminserver

Another note, rather than doing $var=@() and then doing $var += New-Object, assign the variable to the for loop and it will be automatically appended into the varaible.

Hi Rob/Peter

Thanks for taking your valuable time to help :slight_smile: . I am able to produce the output how I wanted and thanks for the hint :slight_smile: . Its really helpful and I learned something new.

I was breaking my head for quite some time to get this working :slight_smile:
Thanks once again .