ConvertTo-HTML changing output

Hello! I am pulling health data from a HP server using GWMI and it brings back the expected data if I just run ir, but when I go to use ConvertTo-HTML the info changes. Here is the code I am using;

gwmi HP_PowerSupply -Namespace root/HPQ | where-object {$_.DeviceID -eq 'Power Supply 2'} | Select StatusDescriptions

This yields


{Power Supply is operating properly}

When I add a pipe and ConvertTo-HTML -Fragment the output changes to


So the column header changes to just an * and the actual data is now System.String[]

Ideas? Thanks!!


ConvertTo-HTML -Fragment is expecting string but is getting an object. Try:

(gwmi HP_PowerSupply -Namespace root/HPQ | where-object {$_.DeviceID -eq 'Power Supply 2'}).StatusDescriptions

and pipe that to ConvertTo-HTML -Fragment

Thanks!!! I also found out I could bracket the StatusDesccriptions. Once I thought about it that is what I figured was happening.