Multi OUs Export

Hello everyone,

I try to get with powershell mutli OUs to Export to a .CSV.

I have following Script:
$OUlist=@(‘OU=HAJ,OU=contoso users,DC=contoso,DC=de’,‘OU=ZHR,OU=contoso users,DC=contoso,DC=de’)

ForEach ($ou in $oulist) {Get-ADUser -Filter * -Searchbase $ou -Properties displayname, memberOf | select name, @{name=“MemberOf”;expression={$_.memberof -join “;”}} | export-csv e:\csv\bbbbbbbbbbbbb.csv}

The Export function is working, but i only get the second OU in the .CSV-Data (“ZHR”)
What is wrong?

Thank you

Kind Regards

If you would have formatted your code as code and indented it nicely you might have been able to see what’s wrong a little easier.

$OUlist=‘OU=HAJ,OU=contoso users,DC=contoso,DC=de’,‘OU=ZHR,OU=contoso users,DC=contoso,DC=de’
ForEach ($ou in $oulist){
Get-ADUser -Filter * -Searchbase ou -Properties displayname, memberOf | Select-Object name, @{name="MemberOf";expression={_.memberof -join “;”}} |
Export-Csv e:\csv\bbbbbbbbbbbbb.csv -Append

If you have the export inside the loop you overwright your csv file in every iteration of your loop! :wink: That’s why you need -Append

Hello Olaf,

perfect. Thank you. It works.

Kind Regards