Ms office installation automation to multiple computers in doma using powershell

I want to write a powershell script for installing ms office unattended to multiple desktops in domain remotely.

Can anybody help me in this??

Your question is quite vague. Have you searched for some information? Probably you can imagine that you’re not the first human being with this request. What have you tried so far?

It is beyond the scope of this forum to write ready to use code for you.

Sure, you can to this. However, why are you not just doing this via GPO or SCCM? This is why these enterprise tools exist.

We all luv PowerShell (that is why we are here), but it is not the default answer for everything, especially if an enterprise solution already exists.

As Olaf points out, a quick web search will show this and examples on how to do this. Even videos on YouTube show this use case.

There are specific steps and guidance on the on the automated deployment of Office.