Simple procedure for installing msi in a domain env

hello friends,
i’m looking for a simple solution to install msi software with ini file remotely to about 50 domain computers via powershell.



Have a look at below docs, it will help you to get it done easily.

Invoke-Command, read it full it will help you. Then have a look at example 9 in that link as well.

Only after you finish it, look at below link.

Powershell: Remote install software (

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As you say you’re in a domain environment, sometimes the easiest solution doesn’t involve PS at all:

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I thought the same as you @jlogan3o13, however, he mentions “with ini file” and did not want to walk him down the path of using Orca to set up a manifest file to get that done.

yes that’s obviously a wise idea.
problem is, i don’t have the required permissions to do so.
however, i have gotten PS & psexec permissions so im working in that direction…


Hmm … if you don’t have the permissions to implement a GPO, how is it you can run a script that requires admin on 50+ computers? I am just curious.

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