Move Request Information Report

I am in progress of migrating users from EX2010 to O365. I am looking for creating a report which includes who created the migration batch.

For example I want to insert CreatedBy into the following script:

Get-MoveRequest -resultsize unlimited | Where-Object {$_.status -eq “Completed”} | Get-MoveRequestStatistics | select DisplayName,RemoteHost,StatusDetail, *Size, Percent | ft

If I connect to the Exchange admin center > Recipients > Migration. Under Statistics I see a Created by: field.

I can find this information inside Get-MigrationBatch, there is a submittedbyuser field, how would I join that into the above script?

Well I got it to work but its ugly

$migrations = Get-MoveRequest -resultsize unlimited | Where-Object {$_.status -eq “Completed”}
foreach($migration in $migrations)
$Info = $migration | Get-MoveRequestStatistics | select DisplayName, StatusDetail, TotalMailboxSize, submittedbyuser,SMTPAddress,UserPrincipalName,Batch
$batch = $migration.BatchName.Substring($migration.BatchName.IndexOf(":")+1,$migration.BatchName.Length-$migration.BatchName.IndexOf(":")-1)
$Info.Batch = $batch
$Info.SubmittedByUser = (Get-MigrationBatch -Identity $batch | Select submittedbyuser).submittedbyuser
$mbx = Get-Mailbox -Identity $migration.Alias
$Info.SMTPAddress = $mbx.PrimarySMTPAddress
$Info.UserPrincipalName = $mbx.UserPrincipalName