Help - Script Powershell Task Scheduler

Good afternoon everyone!

I am having a swap command and it lists me as this batch migrations.
But would you like to have this command run every 5 minutes to automate this?

Thank you.

If your question is, “how can I have this run every 5 minutes,” then the answer is Task Scheduler.

The command below would be this, today I’m running it via PowerShell.ISE manually.

Get-MoveRequest -MoveStatus InProgress |Get-MoveRequestStatistics |select DisplayName,StatusDetail,TotalMailboxSize,PercentComplete | FT

Save this line as a script file and as DonJ states. Create a Scheduled Task to run every 5 minutes. (recommended)

Or create a permanent WMI event that fire this script at 5 min intervals (scheduled task is really a better option and less work)

Or run this script as a background job, using a forever loop using a 5 min delay (not really recommended)