Mailbox and DL Status script

by rajkumar.mcitp at 2013-04-22 07:43:31

Hi Team,

I trying to prepare a combined script which will produce an csv output with the following status

Output which shows the user mailboxes emails address with the size,number of items,last accessed and who is having delegate access on the mailboxes and the send as rights

For group email all of the above plus
• Who the owner of the mailbox is
• Whether the owner has update rights
• Who has access delegate and send as rights

For distribution group
• Mailing list name
• Owner
• Members
• Date last used (if this is possible)

Please help on getting the script
by poshoholic at 2013-04-23 21:20:44
That’s a big ask for volunteer work on forums. Do you have a script that you have started working on already that does some of this? It would be better if you searched around for a script that someone shared or worked out the start of a script on your own and then asked questions when you want to figure out the more challenging parts of your script. Take a look at the second result from this search as one (of likely many) ways you can get started with this: