Script for mailbox size and last logon date for exchange online to Excel


$Excel = New-Object -ComObject Excel.Application
$Excel.Visible = $True
$Excel = $Excel.Workbooks.Add()
$Sheet = $Excel.Worksheets.Item(1)
$Sheet.Name = “Mailbox Stats”

$Sheet.Cells.Item(1,1) = “Name”
$Sheet.Cells.Item(1,2) = “Last Log On”
$Sheet.Cells.Item(1,3) = “MailBox Size”

$intRow = 2

$box = get-exomailbox | select userprincipalname

foreach ($i in $box.userprincipalname){

$stats = Get-EXOMailboxStatistics -Identity $i -Properties lastlogontime | select displayname, lastlogontime, @{label=”TotalItemSize”;expression={[math]::Round(`
($_.TotalItemSize.ToString().Split("(")[1].Split(" ")[0].Replace(",","")/1MB),2)}}

$Sheet.Cells.Item($intRow, 1) = $stats.displayname
$Sheet.Cells.Item($intRow, 2) = $stats.lastlogontime
$Sheet.Cells.Item($intRow, 3) = $stats.TotalItemSize
$intRow ++


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