Email multiple users via powershell - Exchange

I have what I consider a perplexing question for the PowerShell rookie that I am.

This is what I am trying to do - We are running a script that identify’s every shared mailbox on Exchange that has a StorageLimitStatus of “IssueWarning” or ProhibitSend" - The script then is designed to compile the offenders into a .CSV file and use the .CSV file contents to send a customized email to Shared mailbox with a nag message. That script works very well. (FYI: The CSV contains “Display Name”,“PrimarySmtpAddress”,“TotalItemSize”,“StorageLimitStatus”,“ProhibitSendQuotas”.)

However now we want to send the nag message to everyone who has Full Access to the mailbox (excluding inherited permissions and system accounts). Basically I am trying to determine the fullaccess users and send the custom nag message to those users.

I can easily identify the users of individual mailboxes with full access, however adding the results of the permission pull is proving problematic. The results returned using the Get-Mailbox permissions is different than get-mailbox (obviously). SHared mailboxes will have zero users with full access, one user with full access (typical a group for management purposes), or multiple users. The main problem, If there are more than one users with full access, I am unable to export the results in a manner that will allow me to send the custom email message. Since this is designed to be scripted and automatic, not a good thing.

Any assistance or pointers in the right direction would be very helpful and appreciated.

sory my original post was not what u were looking for