Looking for speaker


I would like to get in touch with someone to see if they would be interested in speaking at a event in April for about a hour. We would like to get someone to speak to about 30-40 people that will be in Dallas. The speaker would not have to be in Dallas and could speak via video conference ect. If this is something that you are interested please let me know.

If you can post some point-of-contact information, I’d be happy to put up a tweet to draw attention to your request.

Hello Don!

Thank you for replying. I was actually hoping that you would be interested (if you are not booked)

I can be reached via AustinMiller @ outlook . com

I’m not really doing a lot of public speaking these days, but happy to try and help you find someone ;). I’m pretty much limiting myself to TechMentor events, and Ignite when I’m invited.

Austin I sent you an email. I am in the Dallas area and I would like to hear more.

Austin, attempt #2 to contact you about PowerShell in the DFW area…