How to start User Group

I’m thinking about starting a user group in my area. There are around 5 major corporations in the area and we are a hub for small start up businesses.

Are there any good resources on how to get started?

The biggest initial hurdle is getting the word out. After that, finding a place and time is usually easier. Your local Microsoft office can help, as can any other local user groups you know of. Getting the word out on Twitter and social media can help (I’ll be happy to RT you!). And let’s see what other suggestions we can drum up!

Meetup is your best friend! There is a cost involved if you’re expecting users over a certain number (I think it’s 10), but a lot of IT pros pay attention to Meetup, and it’s a good way to network with other UGs in the area. LinkedIn is a fairly decent place as well, but I’ve only had limited luck.

As for location, local libraries are a good place to start. Or if you can get your company to sponsor the UG with a training room, I’ve seen some groups do that as well. Also, if Microsoft has offices nearby, or a Microsoft Store, they’re sometimes willing to host a group.

Whereabouts are you located James? We might know of some people in the area that can lend a hand.

I live in Chattanooga TN. We’ll have an MTC in Atlanta GA about 2.5 hours south of us.

You have a active powershell user group in Nashville you may be able to help with some pointers and provide some speakers. You may want to start small and use a library as Will suggested and\or a local bar (you know to help increase attendance) for the first couple of meetings. You may be able to get a local company to let you use a room. If there any local technology training offices that might be a good place to start.
Even if you start small with one or two folks getting together review and troubleshoot scripts you can have a great time and learn a lot.

Hi James,

This has been on my to-write about list and Don gave me a nudge earlier after you posted.

Have a read of the post I’ve written at So you want to form a User Group

Hopefully this will give you some good initial steps and good luck

Thanks everyone for your replys. We have a meeting location secured. Now to get the word out and find speakers.

Anyone have any good ideas on how to get speakers to attend. Either in person or via Skype (or Webex).

Just ask! A lot of us are willing to do remote sessions. :slight_smile:

We are now to a point where I am trying to nail down a speaker for our first meeting September 6, 2016.
Is there anyone that would like to lend a helping hand? Webex is not an issue for remote speakers.

How did your meeting went James? Did you had a good amount of people?

It went great, thanks for asking. We had 11 people join us.