Local Group Policy


I had tried a lot to get the solution of my requirement over the google but did not found the solution so reaching out you on this. if you see below image, Local Group policy is there, I want to get the information about highlighted group policy using Powershell but i am not getting the correct command. So kindly suggest on that part.

That could be a tough one since none of the User Rights Assignment values are in the registry.
Have a look here for more details on that:

One way, (not likely the best way) would be to export the User Rights to file using:

secedit /Export /Areas User_Rights /cfg c:\temp\userRights.txt

Once you have that, you could then try:

Get-Content -Path c:\temp\userRigths.txt | Select-String -Pattern 'setcbprivilege'

Keep in mind, if that value is not configured, it will return nothing.

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