Edit Local Groub Policy using power shell

i want to edit my local groub Policy using PowerShell

i am using Win 8 Enterprise Not Win Server

i searched google but i didn’t find a solution

so i hope that you can help me

Thanks in Advance

Most local group policy settings are just registry settings. So you just have to identify what registry settings you need to change and change it. If you’re looking for prewritten scripts take a look at the Microsoft Technet Script Gallery

Thank you for your answer
but can you tell me a proper method to find the corresponding Registry path for my target Policy

i found out how to find the corresponding registry path of my target policy

we use a program called Process Monitor
here How to use it and download it

but actually it didn’t work for me but maybe i made a mistake so here is a Reference : Every Group Policy with it’s corresponding Reg Path

and that worked for me