New Request: Operate Local GPO with cmdlet -- I just want my life more easy

In my daily task , sometimes I need to manipulate local group policy , currently , I just use GUI to do that , but it does not work efficiency with GUI .
Maybe someone will tell me to use PolicyFileEditor module . I did try before , but that is not what I want.

I hope some cmdlet that work like bellow:

get-grouppolicy -scope (localpgo or domaingpo) -All
set-grouppolicy - scope xx - value xx
disable-grouppolicy -scope xx -name xx

Group Policy is largely a registry manipulator, if you don’t have domain GPO at your disposal, it might be worth your time to use something like process explorer from the sysinternals suite to see what registry values a gpo is setting and simply manipulate that from PS. Microsoft documents their GPOs as well with registry keys, so that might help narrow it down:

Windows 1809

Windows 1803

Windows Server 2016

I think PolicyFileEditor works great for local gpo’s. There’s nothing like it for domain gpo’s.