Launching a PowerShell script from a Linux/Jenkins Server

I have Jenkins 1.6 running on CentOS 7.2. I have Windows 2012 servers that I want to receive builds from the Jenkins server. These Windows servers are not on a domain. They have OpenSSH installed on them. To be sure, when a Windows server receives a build from Jenkins, is it a managed node or a slave node?

I can use OpenSSH with a non-Jenkins user to connect from my Linux server to my Windows server. I can script this to happen. But once that happens, none of my script will execute after getting connected. I want to run a .bat file or a CMD command to launch a PowerShell script. I want this functionality nested in my Linux bash script. My Linux bash script does a fine job of connecting. But after that, there is an interactive CMD session in my Putty session.

How do I launch CMD commands automatically without Cygwin? Connecting from Linux is not a problem.

I believe your best option is to install Jenkins in the “slave node” mode on the Windows Server to run anything you need without SSH.