Kindly help me get the PSS Code.

Hi there,

I am very much happy to be in this forum. I request admin to not close my topic since I am in an urgency to find the best code for the below three queries. Kindly help me get the best solution for it all.

  1. Monitor Windows Service.
    Write a Generic PowerShell script with takes list of services from a text file and check the service status. If service is down then start the service and send any simple mail. Monitoring should be continuous until user kills it.

  2. Monitor Events log.
    Write a generic PowerShell Script which takes list of Source name from a file and check that entry in event log. Checking should happen for last 10 mins only and only error pattern in application logs needs to be checked. If entry is found it should write that in a log/text file. Monitoring should be continuous until user kills it.

  3. Get Details from Remote System
    Write a PowerShell Script which checks connectivity to a remote host which is given in argument. If connection successful, it should get top 10 CPU consuming processes and all the stopped services on that server. O/P should be formatted perfectly.

Thank you very much in Advance !!!

Once again, -please ask a question-. This forum does not exist to produce complete code for you. If you need someone to produce complete solution for you, consider a consultant.