I've heard it mentioned that PowerShell is a gateway drug

to the world of C#. I am not 100% convinced of that statements validity but I am interested in learning C# :slight_smile:

I’ve tried a few different approaches to learning it (including Pluralsight) but I’ve never found any books quite as accomplished as the the “Month of Lunches…” series.

Can anyone recommend a C# book that takes the same approach or makes the subject matter more approachable?

Many Thanks


I took a pluralsight.com video class on it. Compiling is as easy as:

$env:path += ';C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319'
csc hello.cs

I believe there’s a c# shell too… (even online ones).

you have to find some good book or course to learn c#, it’s a very in-demand programming language specific to windows desktop apps or web-based applications.