general reactions to the new site

I think the column width should be wider for displaying code in posts. I think it used to be 120 characters wide on the old site?

I think it would be really cool if you could copy paste from vscode and get the full syntax coloring. Or copy paste from powershell ise to word to here. You can do it on technet if you know what you’re doing to fix it up. I think you can guess which user I am on there. On technet though, links aren’t automatically clickable, so points to you.

Are the forum posts displayed on the front page the ones with the most recent replies? That wasn’t true on the old site, so maybe it’s better.

If I click in the upper left corner, it doesn’t go back to the main page.

Hey there JS,

I’ll review the template configs and do a comparison on the character length for a post. I’m not entirely sure we’ll be able to change it without a ton of work though.

I’ll take a look around again and see what is out there for syntax colouring. Right now we’re using Mivhak, but I’m always open to suggestions.

On the forums front page, the listed ‘In The Forums’ posts are the most recent.

So are you looking for like a ‘Home’ link on the header to take you back to the front page?



For syntax coloring, you would just have to allow the css colors in the html code that’s already being copy and pasted.

Yes, looking for the home button. I know there’s one a bit lower on the left, but I think it’s confusing where the upper left corner takes you. Oh I see, the 3rd button on the top left takes you to the main page.

The site (probably understandably) does a lot of HTML filtering, because a lot of spammers and bots use that for various injection attacks. Bear in mind we’re using out-of-the-box software, so making any kind of code changes is actually a bit of a heavy lift, and detaches us from being able to readily implement updates to the software and its themeing (which happen pretty regularly). But the size of the code box is the same as it used to be.

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I think the width of the posts is more dependent on the width of the browser now? The window can only be about half the width of the the total browser, at least in Chrome. The most characters I can see now are 86 if I maximize the browser, and it’s less if I make the browser more narrow. For me it’s normally 62 characters wide. Using control mouse wheel to make the font smaller doesn’t affect it.

I can send different colors and fonts in technet forums, or office 365. Of course, I don’t want you to get hacked.

I would tend to agree, having the posts wider would be nice. However, I took a look at the backend code and it looks like it would take a great deal of work, unless there is an easy way to get rid of the “topic-navigator” or the funky timeline scroll bar on the right, which I dont think is very important.

Just my $.02

Ah, tony, you just bumped a post from 3 years ago, which I assume was about the previous site revision.

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