Install software by selecting options in the installation wizard in powershell


I have a patch upgrade .exe file. while installing inside the wizard i need to select different radio button other than default and i want to do this multiple servers. Is it possible to do this in Powershell. If you can some one suggest me how.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t think PS can do this,

if there is a MSI file inside the exe (will be unpacked to the temp folder)

you can use a transform file to pick the option,

you can start the msi + transform file installation from the PS though


There is no universal rule and it completely depends on the developer, but some executables accept parameters…

Did you try followings?

upgrade.exe /?

If it’s installshield, I think the -r option records an answer file you can use with -s.

If you’re desperate, you can try sending mouse clicks and keyboard strokes with autoit.