Install DSC extension without running assigned Node Configuration


I’m using Terraform to install the DSC extension on my Azure VMs using the default RegistrationMetaConfgiV2.ps1 file

The extension installs, sets the LCM, registers against the Automation account, sets the Node Configuration name and that’s all good.

The problem is that as part of the extension installation it all attempts to pull the Node Configuration and run it. This leads to timeouts or the extension install reporting “Provisioning Failed” if the Node Configuration doesn’t exist yet or has an error in it.

For me, the installation of the extension is trying to do too much. It should install, set the LCM, register with Automation, set the name of the node configuration and then report success. The actual running of the node configuration on the server should be out of scope of the install and be the responsibility of Automation.

My question: Is there any way to prevent the extension from pulling and running the Node configuration during install?