How to specify a Configuration file when on-boarding a node to DSC


I am using Azure Automation DSC (basically DSC pull server in the cloud), but apart from that is is basically DSC

I followed the following article to onboard a node to DSC

I used the following (as seen in the article)

# Define the parameters for Get-AzureRmAutomationDscOnboardingMetaconfig using PowerShell Splatting
$Params = @{
ResourceGroupName = 'RG_01'; # The name of the Resource Group that contains your Azure Automation Account
AutomationAccountName = 'AutomationAccount-01'; # The name of the Azure Automation Account where you want a node on-boarded to
ComputerName = @('ADDS02'); # The names of the computers that the meta configuration will be generated for
OutputFolder = "C:\MOFs;
# Use PowerShell splatting to pass parameters to the Azure Automation cmdlet being invoked
# For more info about splatting, run: Get-Help -Name about_Splatting

Get-AzureRmAutomationDscOnboardingMetaconfig @Params

Then on the computer in question I did the following

Set-DscLocalConfigurationManager -Path C:\MOFs

That worked fine and the node was onboarded OK

However, the node did not have a ‘configuration’ assigned to it (which of course I can do after the fact manually). However I want to automatically assign a configuration to the node via PowerShell, I could not see a parameter to add to


perhaps I missed it, therefore can someone please let me know the PowerShell command I need to assign a DSC configuration to a node?

Thanks very much