DSC Extension - Not applying configuration (ARM template)


I’ve got a really odd one here. I am deploying a 2x Windows 2019 VMs with ADDS in Azure. I’ve just switched over to the new DSC schema as I was having authentication issues when joining the additional DC to the forest.

The issue I’m having is that DSC is skipping the “configuration” object in the template completely. The extension installs but it makes no effort to grab the configuration file, this is hosted on Azure blob and I can see via the metrics when the configuration file is accessed. The VM carries on and completes its provisioning with no errors in the Azure portal.

The DSC extension log file on the newly provisioned VMs both have the same error:

[ERROR] occurred while invoking events for telemetry The property 'Configuration' cannot be found on this object. Verify that the property exists.
This is followed up with:
A DSC configuration was not provided. PowerShell DSC has been enabled on the VM, will exit now.
The template is as follows, as far as I can see I've got all my brackets and commas in the right place so this one is baffling me.
"resources": [
  "type": "Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines/extensions",
  "name": "[concat(variables('dc1name'), '/CreateADForest')]",
  "apiVersion": "2019-03-01",
  "location": "[resourceGroup().location]",
  "dependsOn": [
   "[resourceId('Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines', variables('dc1name'))]"
  "properties": {
   "publisher": "Microsoft.Powershell",
   "type": "DSC",
   "typeHandlerVersion": "2.77",
   "autoUpgradeMinorVersion": true,
   "settings": {
    "WMFVersion": "latest",
    "configuraton": {
    "url": "[concat(parameters('Artifacts Location'), '/dsc/CreateADPDC.zip')]",
    "script": "CreateADPDC.ps1",
    "function": "CreateADPDC"
    "configurationArguments": {
     "DomainName": "[parameters('Domain Name')]"
   "protectedSettings": {
    "configurationArguments": {
      "adminCreds": {
      "UserName": "[parameters('Administrator User')]",
      "Password": "[parameters('Administrator Password')]"
    "configurationUrlSasToken": "[parameters('Artifacts Location SAS Token')]"
If anyone has seen this before or has any suggestions on why this isn't working that would be great!


Today’s lesson, walk away and have a break. When you come back you’ll spot the issue straightaway, and in this case apparently I can’t spell configuration properly.