I hate the new Forum!

This Wordpress thing is not a real forum its a cripple!

It has so many disadvantages i cant number!

I hate the new Forum!

Thanks for that actionable, constructive feedback. If you’d like to volunteer to become a part of the team that put this all together, we always appreciate the help. Just contact me.


My English is not good enough to do a understandable conversation!
For this disabillty, I am short and sound perhapst harsh.
I dont write this post i develop them with dictionary.

But the core Point is: Wordpress is a very very bad Forum Software.
I have long time done research for good Community Portal Software Wordpress is none!
DotnetNuke is a very good Portal Software + PowerShell abillty + social thingys (gamifications like Ratings , Point earning and so)

Even Sharepoint 2013 is a very good social Player + PowerShell ability + (gamifications like Ratings , Point earning and so)!

But Wordpress is light years behind!

And I Stay with that: This Forum cripple is nearly unusable!

FWIW - Don (and team), thanks for providing these forums at no costs to us Powershell people (noobs though some of us are). It’s nice to have a place to bounce ideas off each other, and look for help (or provide it).



I admit I am not keen on the new Forum at present - might be just more familiar with the old style.

Give it time I suppose.

We had lots of people hate on the old one. PowerShellCommunity.org used DotNetNuke, and plenty of people hated on that. I presume nothing we put up will thrill everyone, so I focused on features we needed to support. I believe we’ve got them all, and if people call missing ones to my attention, I’ll look at it.

In terms of visual style, absolutely nothing will appeal to everyone. So I tried to keep it simple, fast-loading, and searchable.

For some reason it is not possible to create a new topic on this new Forum.

In fact it took me several minutes and a couple of refreshes to make it allow me to post this (assuming it does).

Not sure where else to ask my question - so that leaves me a bit lost :frowning:

Sorry if this doesn’t look right after I click on ‘Post’ as it will probably not let me edit it either.

Your browser is either caching the page (try Shift+Refresh) or you’ve got a proxy server doing so. You can try a different browser to see if it helps, or even try from a different network (home or work) to see if that makes a difference for you. I’ve confirmed that your account has all the needed permissions.

This post of yours looks fine, and went through just fine. Keep a positive attitude ;). Will help you figure it out. There’s also a contact form on the “site info” menu, which sends me an email directly. It’s easy for me to miss replies to old topics (like this one), so I’m glad I caught this one, but feel free to use the contact form.