How to speed up Get-WinEvent

Sorry, got it figured. Turned out to be the user accidentally paused the shell.

Dumb question, maybe someone can enlighten me on how to delete a post?



Indeed it was … so, how can I nuke my post since it has no relevance ? Go easy on me if I should know this.

Pretty sure that account is a bot, Tony. I have reported it.

We don’t have the necessary permissions to delete our posts and replies (or if we do, it’s certainly not obvious). You can post a request in the Website Feedback & Assistance Forum or get in touch with the mod team using the forums@ e-mail address.

Locking this thread for now so it doesn’t get bumped. I agree that the account might be a bot, and I’m a little curious about it because so far it hasn’t shown the typical bot behavior of posting junk links or advertising random services. All three of its posts so far are single sentences:
and based on #266810 it seems to be aware that this forum is about code.
It hasn’t done anything that triggers the spam filter yet.