Trigger script when event occurs with PowerShell 7.4


There are several guides mentioning how to make a script run when a specific Windows event occurs, using eventvwr.exe in the GUI.

Can the same configuration be performed using PowerShell 7.4 instead? If yes, how? I didn’t find any tutorial about this.

Sorry, I kindly ask the moderators to delete this post, because it’s a duplicate of another one: I thought I made an error when posting the first time, so I made a second attempt.

I really apologize.

Since it is your post you should actually be able to do it yourself. :point_up:t3: :wink:

Am I? I can see a “copy link”, “bookmark”, “reply” button, but not a “delete” one. Sorry for the very naive question, but I can’t find anything related to post deletion (there isn’t even an “edit” button).

Don’t worry. I’m not completely sure about that anyway. It’s possible that the ability is based on your “reputation” here in the forum. And sometimes some functions hide behind the settings gear symbol. And if it’s not that we can just wait for a moderator. :wink: :+1:t3:

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Of course I am not sure, but it really seems that it’s not possible to delete the post.
Thank you anyway :grinning:

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