Delete a thread - Urgent

I accidentally posted some sensitive information on a previous thread and could not delete it, accidentally I deleted that account and cannot go back on it.

I thereafter, tried facebooking the powershell page and no one has responded, it has been weeks. Furthermore, there is no emails or contact details that I can find for the admins.

How can I go about deleting this entire thread:

Can someone please help me, or can an admin delete this thread urgently please.

Kind Regards.

As noted in the red text instructions above the posting text box, we cannot permanently remove information from the site. It’s already been crawled by several archive-bots based on the logs.

As soon as I’m able, I’ll see if I can remove the local copy, but once you post something on the Internet it’s pretty much there forever. Google will still have the page in cache.

Please contact Because you’re asking from an account other than the one that started the thread, and because the IP address your posting from is different, we’ve no immediate way to verify that you’re the original poster. You’ll need to somehow confirm you’re the original poster, such as providing the email address associated with the original account, or posting a reply on that topic from the same IP address.

Also, while I do see your note to moderator on the original thread, please understand that we don’t have moderators watching every single post that comes through the site. We tend to focus on new posts, which we get notifications for. You’re welcome to continue replying to this thread.

Hi Don jones,

Thanks for your reply, I know it was an accident I made. I wasn’t aware there was sensitive information. I have made other precautions.

However, I would still like this deleted. I have now emailed the address you posted. Furthermore, to my knowledge this thread was also started from the same IP.

However, if you can see the comment on the other thread, can you kindly remove this for me.



I have sent two emails to: and I have yet not heard back.

Can someone please help me. I truly am struggling to get hold of someone who can help me and everyone I have emailed seems to keep ignoring all emails.

Once things are posted to the internet they exist forever. Even if you remove it from this site it’s store somewhere else. I’m assuming you are worried about the SSH host fingerprint and username password. I would just reconfigure ssh on that server with a new fingerprint and deleted that user account and recreate a new one with a different password. That’s pretty easy to do.

It was the credentials that was my concern, I have changed those. However, I rather that thread was still removed. However, it has still not happened and I keep getting ignored by the moderators.

Thanks for your help.

I’ve removed the code from your posts. Please be more careful in the future.


Thanks so much for this, this is greatly appreciated.