How to deploy a windows based application on Cloud?

Hello Guys,

I need to deploy a windows based application on Cloud. I am from IaaS Migration Cell. Kindly assist me from the scratch as this is the first time we are deploying any Windows based application. Using PowerShell.

Even I thought after posting it that I am being way too ambitious. :slight_smile: The environment is I want to migrate a Windows based application (Euclid IP) into the cloud environment. Previously I have already migrated UNIX and Java based applications on cloud by making application image. Wanted to know if any book or training videos available for this topic. If it is there, kindly suggest.

I think you’re asking way too much for a volunteer forum to “assist you from the scratch” when you’ve provided no details. I would kindly suggest that hiring a consultant, or taking a class in your desired topic, might be a better way to start.