deployment script

Hi ,

I need windows update deployment powershell script using csv, i have script in bash but dont have in powershell so can u get me the link or script.




Hi, can you show us what you have tried so far?

Have you searched the PowerShell gallery at all for modules? Have you tried creating something with PowerShell yet? Why are you using a CSV?

not searched in powershell gallery, am using CSV file to list the server that i want to deploy the windows update from share folder.

So if I get this right, you are not wanting to run the windows update from the official windows site. You want to change the update server location to one that you have in a CSV file and then pull the KB files from a shared folder?

A few basic questions beyond what is above need to be answered as well:

  1. Are you just updating PCs in this environment? You mentioned a bash script and that's generally a scripting method for Linux (Mac) systems and not Windows-based ones.
  2. What version(s) of Powershell is installed on your systems? This is important, since commands that are in Powershell (PS) Core may not work in PS 5.1 or PS 5.1 commands might not work in PS 2.0.
  3. What have you tried so far? It would help to know so we don't offer any suggestions that you have already tried. Post up anything you have so we can take a look.