Deploy Azure Remote App with PowerShell

Hi - I am working on a project where I need to deploy the Windows Azure Remote App ( on machines. The environement I am deploying to: No one has admin rights on the machines so everything needs to be deployed during the imaging process or via SCCM. I can’t deploy this application with SCCM because of the nature of the APP, I am not sure how to package it.

SO my thought was I would deploy this as part of the imaging process? Can I have MDT Execute a powershell script to install this, copy it to all users and place short cuts on the desktop? If So what would that look like?

MDT can execute scripts, yes. But this really doesn’t have a lot to do with PowerShell, I don’t think - this isn’t really different from deploying any other application this same way. You might have better luck getting a good answer by reaching out to folks who are well-versed in MDT…?