How can i read out each object of a list

Hello together

i have again a question.
I tried to find out the e-mail with the username of a person and i wrote a script which should read the e-mails out.
For this i have a list with usernames: @{Extra} @{hofdo} @{Kunfa} @{KIP} and here is the script:
if($Owner -ne “Extra”){
$User = Get-WmiObject -Query “SELECT * FROM ds_user where ds_sAMAccountName=‘$Owner’” -Namespace “root\Directory\LDAP”
$Email = $user.DS_mail



I use Windows 7 and Powershell 2.0

I don’t know where the mistake could be
If you can help please answer me

sry for my english

There’s not enough context there to see what you’re trying to do. You can’t start a pipeline with ForEach-Object, though; are you piping something into it? Or did you mean that to be a foreach statement, rather than the ForEach-Object cmdlet?

Here’s what I think your code is trying to do (though I don’t know what variable name your list of owners is in, or what type of data is in there. This sample code assumes a simple collection of strings.)

foreach ($owner in $ownerList)
    if ($owner -ne 'Extra')
        $user = Get-WmiObject -Query "SELECT * FROM ds_user where ds_sAMAccountName='$owner'" -Namespace 'root\Directory\LDAP'
        # In your previous code, you just assigned the user's email address to an $email variable inside the loop, but didn't do anything with it. 
        # Here, I'll just send it as output.