Quick and simple question


I’m starting a new script and there is a big blank on my head now…

This isn’t supposed to work?

$ADTitles = Get-ADUser -Filter {mail -like "*mail.com"} -Properties mail,title | select mail,title | sort mail

foreach ($Title in $ADTitles){
Set-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName $.Mail -Title $.Title

The only way to work is to change that line to:

Set-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName $Title.Mail -Title $Title.Title

I swear that in my head it should be working =p

Your change is the correct one to make.

$_.XXXX is when you’re using the foreach-object cmdlet not a foreach loop

Richard Siddaway,

Thank you very much! =]

Another one:

Is there any benefits (performance) to use the foreach-object cmdlet or the foreach loop?

$ADTitles | ForEach-Object { $_.Mail $_.Title }


foreach ($Title in $ADTitles){ Set-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName $Title.Mail -Title $Title.Title }

If you already have the collection stored in an array, then the foreach ($thing in $things) { } construct tends to be faster. The pipeline and ForEach-Object, on the other hand, can be used to process items in a streaming fashion without having to store them all in memory at one time (which can become a concern if you’re dealing with very large data sets.)

Dave Wyatt,

Thank you for the information!

Tried here to see:

PS C:\Office 365> Measure-Command {$ADTitles | ForEach-Object {

Days : 0
Hours : 0
Minutes : 0
Seconds : 0
Milliseconds : 43
Ticks : 432688
TotalDays : 5,00796296296296E-07
TotalHours : 1,20191111111111E-05
TotalMinutes : 0,000721146666666667
TotalSeconds : 0,0432688
TotalMilliseconds : 43,2688

PS C:\Office 365> Measure-Command {foreach ($Title in $ADTitles){

Days : 0
Hours : 0
Minutes : 0
Seconds : 0
Milliseconds : 7
Ticks : 71764
TotalDays : 8,30601851851852E-08
TotalHours : 1,99344444444444E-06
TotalMinutes : 0,000119606666666667
TotalSeconds : 0,0071764
TotalMilliseconds : 7,1764