Help in Powershell 5

I have installed Powershell 5 on Windows 7.

help get-childitem
does not show -Attributes parameter.
help get-childitem -showwindow
does not show full help although is checked in settings.

What’s wrong with my system?

Have you run Update-Help?

That’s a dynamic parameter, and I think I’ve seen some messages going around that have said there’s a problem with Get-Help and dynamic params at the moment. You can get information about them with “Get-Help FileSystem” (or substitute another provider name there if you want that provider’s params.)

I have run Windows Update, then I have run

Update-Help -Force

I wonder if my problem has anything to do with Powershell 2, which is also installed.

Dave is right. The help system is in some places broken/not up-to-date. June Blender already opened a bug on uservoice, you can vote here:

So this is not a problem on your computer, and has nothing to do with PowerShell v2 installed. Just a bug.

OK, thank you every one