Get-Process in For Loop

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On below code i am passing list of servers but the start time coming only for first server :frowning: Please help to resolve.

$Output = @()
$servers = Get-Content “D:\Scripts\servers.txt”
$servers | ForEach {
$Final = Get-WmiObject win32_service -ComputerName $_ -Filter “Name like ‘MSSQLSERVER’ or Name like ‘SQLSERVERAGENT’ or Name like ‘%MSSQL$%’ or Name like ‘%SQLAgent$%’ or Name like ‘ReportServer’
or Name like ‘SQLBrowser’ or Name like ‘MsDtsServer%’” -PipelineVariable Service |
Select-Object -Property @{Name=“Server_Name”;Expression={$.SystemName}}, @{Name=“Service_Name”;Expression={$.Caption}},
@{Name=“Service_Status”;Expression={$.State}}, @{label=‘Start_Time’;expression={(Get-Process -Id $Service.ProcessId).StartTime}},
.StartMode}}, @{Name=“Service_Log_on”;Expression={$.StartName}}
$Output += $Final
$Output | Export-CSV "D:\Reports\MSSQL_Service_Status
$(get-date -f MM-dd-yyyy).csv" -NoTypeInformation -Encoding UTF8

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The problem is because you’re running Get-Process on the same computer every time.

The quick fix is to specify the ComputerName parameter for Get-Process e.g.

@{label=‘Start_Time’;expression={(Get-Process -ComputerName $_ -Id $Service.ProcessId).StartTime}},

However, I recommend you take some time to refactor your code as you’re using deprecated commands and techniques.

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Hello Matt,

Thanks for your warm welcome :slight_smile:

I tried including ComputerName parameter for Get-Process post that output not coming for any server :frowning:

Sure I will work on modifying the code :slight_smile: