Get-Package return different result on the same computer

remote admin user want to check if there is a specific software XXX is installed on that computer via a remote ps session – Get-Package | sort name | ft -AutoSize -Wrap , but xxx can’t be found in that list

a standard user who use this computer install a software XXX into his profile which no admin right is required.That user can list XXX with – Get-Package | sort name | ft -AutoSize -Wrap

Why a remote admin user can’t list all installed software on a computer, what’s the difference between thesetwo scenario, how to list that XXX in a reomte ps session , XXX’s not a appxpackage, which can list with Get-AppxPackage -User, I had try -Scope switch, but no luck. Please see attached for more detail.

That is by design. Each user can only see software installed for all users and for its own account.

If you’re looking for a particular piece of software you could scan the file system for the according folder and check this way if the software is installed for this particular user.

Maybe Get-WmiObject or regedit ?

Just an FYI, Win32_Product is pretty much a bad idea.

Google it …