Get notifications

Is there a powershell way to get the desktop notifications ?

My quest is that a webpage is using htlm5 desktop notification, and I would like to monitor for when that happens, and play a sund and/or turn on a notification light. But first “problem” is how to get notifications from windows actioncenter.

Are you looking to have a webpage generate a notification in PowerShell or to have PowerShell generate a notification?

If it is to have PowerShell generate the notification there is the BurntToast module.

I am looking for a way to read the notifications, and act on a notification. The notifications can come from a webpage.
I know how to get powershell to send a notification, but cant figure out how to read notifications from actioncenter.

To specify what I want to do…

I have Zendesk support system and using Zendesk Talk (a voip system using WebRTC). The problem is, that the ring sound goes to the headset, so if not wearing headset, incomming cals could be missed.
Only way I can think of to get around this problem could be monitoring desktop notifications, and if one special notification comes (from Zendesk talk) then send a sound to the speaker or something like that.

Another solution could be so set the Desktop/Laptop speakers as default Windows audio device and the headset as default Windows communication device. The Incoming Call sound be played over the speakers and the communication over the headset

Yah that would be the right thing, but the Zendesk WebRTC voip phone dosnt respect that.

That’s too bad, perhaps a bit out of the scope of the question bud have you summited a Feature/Bug Request ?

Would an easy to use radio button that would switch the audio from Speakers to headset be an workable workaround?

Exactly - Im am working on such solution as well :slight_smile:

But if I could catch the desktop notification, I could do some more fun :wink: like playing a sound, make a light turn on and whatever.

Next to the notification is there also an internet temp file or windows event created that could act as an reliable trigger?

Nope - That would be to easy :wink: