Help script play sound in powershell on webpage

Hello guys , first of all i’m not the best in english so be kind.
Also i just begin with powershell and i need to right a script for my job.

We have a server for call from customer and i need to when its run the script thats open the page log into it go in different menu and fullscreen the page , this part is done but where i’m stuck its when a call drop they want to ear a little ding.
to point the box i will take
But after i have no idea which command i need to use to play a sound when a change is made in this box . i looked on the net but , i only find way with [console] of to play sound in the windows .

Do you have any tips or something i can begin with ?


Here’s one way of playing a sound in PowerShell. Not sure how much this helps? I think it would be easier to have the web developers make the application/page make the sound rather than monitor the page with PowerShell.

$player = New-Object System.Media.SoundPlayer
$player.SoundLocation = 'C:\Windows\Media\notify.wav'
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Not much to go on here … is this the object that is referred to by $ChromeDriver ?

Is so, there are several Execute methods you should be able to use with JavaScript.