Get detailed print queue information from multiple print servers

My organization has many print servers both plain Windows print servers & print servers that support printing from a healthcare management system called Epic.

On the Epic side we have 10 print servers that have individual print queues for each tray a printer may have. Each of the tray have different settings depending on the type of paper or form being printed from that tray. We often have to check the settings of each tray on a printer drilling down:

Queue Properties > General > Preferences > Paper/Finishing


Queue Properties > Advanced > Printing Defaults > Paper/Finishing

Once we are at each of these locations we check/verify the Paper Type & Paper source/Tray settings

We also have to check here:

Queue Properties > Configuration > Edit Form to Tray Assignment and verify the tray associated with the queue has the correct Form assigned i.e. Tray 2 has Custom 2 in the form field.

This has to be done on 10 different print servers for each queue/tray we are checking.

Also when we roll out a new Epic printer we have to configure all of the above settings for each queue so a 4 tray printer requires us to configure 40 queues. We do have a tool that automates the basic creation of the queues on each server but we still have to manually configure the settings for each queue in each of the 3 locations listed above.

Does anyone know of any way to at least list the configuration details for each queue if not have a way to configure them via PowerShell? I checked the PowerShell gallery but I am not finding anything useful.

Your best bet would be to drill into the XML returned by Get-PrintConfiguration Cmdlet. Below is an example to help get you started.

$printer = 'printer01'
$server = 'printServer'
[xml]$xml = Get-PrintConfiguration -ComputerName $server -PrinterName $printer | Select-Object -ExpandProperty PrintTicketXML

# Paper Size

# Paper Source

Thank you, I will give that a try in the morning when I am finally not on-call. Nothing like drinking from the non-stop support firehose 7/24 for a week…