Need help with Print Management Cmdlets

Trying to find information on how to set the default tray and paper type for a printer build script I’m trying to build.
This is my first time doing any real script building. Here is what I’ve built and it works so far $Computers = 'Server1','Server2','Server3','Server4'$PrinterPort = Read-Host - -

My end goal is to have a script that will add a single printer to 4 print servers. That printer will be installed 4 times on each print server and each install will have a specific tray and paper configurations.

I’m just not having any luck on finding out how to set the default paper and tray for each printer install.

I found this but I don’t really understand it.

Thanks for any help

You can set the paper size using Set-Printconfiguration

The tray selection is not it’s own attribute, but rather mixed in with the PrintTicketXML field of the Get-PrintConfiguration. His script is drilling down into PrintTicketXML and then finding the string ‘psk:JobInputBin’ which indicates the tray that is currently configured and then setting it to the desired tray.