[Windows Server 2016] Administrating a Printserver

Hello together,
first: my english is not the best, but I try my best - so please forgive me :slight_smile:

I have to Setup a new printserver (Windows Server 2016) and I have to Setup ~700 Printers. I am not able to Export the Printers from the old Server and Import to the new one.

I got a Script to manage the adding of the Printers to the Server very good, but I Need to make some additional Settings and I don’t know, how to manage this.
I Need to Setup following Things with PowerShell:

  1. Enable “Print after the last page was spooled”
  2. Set the Devicetype of “detect automatically” to “Color”
  3. Set "TrueType-Font from “Replace with Device Font” to “load into the Printer as a soft-font”

I can’t find anything usefull at TechNet, Google etc. Maybe any1 here can help me.

Thanks alot guys!

And you are absolutely sure, you could not find anything online to assist you. 8^}

Printer Management Using PowerShell

    # Get all the print cmdlets, functions, etc.. 
    Get-Command -Name '*print*' 

Get parameters, examples, full and Online help for a cmdlet or function

    (Get-Command -Name Set-PrintConfiguration).Parameters
    Get-help -Name Set-PrintConfiguration -Examples
    Get-help -Name Set-PrintConfiguration -Full
    Get-help -Name Set-PrintConfiguration -Online