Generate certificate thumbprint within config

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Does anyone had an idea how to do this:

I’m trying to build an on-premises HTTPS DSC Pull Server on a server which is managed by Azure DSC.
Step-1: Within my config I’m able to generate an SSL certificate from the on-premises CA. But now I want to use this particular certificate for the SSL-binding of the Pull server.

Step-2: Within the xDscWebService resource you have to supply an CertificateThumbPrint.
How can I use retrieve and use the thumbprint of the certificate from Step-1 in the same config? Just $thumbprint = (Get-ChildItem CERT:…etc) doesn’t do the trick…


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It would take either a custom resource or a script resource that gets the cert thumbprint and does the steps that xDscWebService would handle.

You could pass in thumbprint as a parameter with a param block.

Then on the line where you compile the mof,
Configname -path .\ -thumbprint (get-childitem Cert:…etc)

Oh wait, you say you’re generating the certificate within the config?? Using a parameter probably isn’t the answer in that case.

Hi Sven, I have done this in my test environment using the below method.

$cert = New-Object System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates.X509Certificate2

You can then use $cert.thumbprint to get the thumbprint.
I used this article to help me:

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Thank you all for your replies up till now!
I’m going to check things out later this week and will keep you up to date!

Any update on this?